Course curriculum

Learning objectives

Here is what you will learn in the workshops

Session 1: Grasshopper Code in Nodes

  • Introduction
  • Variable concepts
  • Variable Types
  • Functions (a common-sense) explanation
  • Object Orientation basics (methods and properties)
  • Properties - variables that “belong” to an object
  • Methods (inputs and output)
  • Grasshopper update cycle
  • The Python and C# GH components
  • Using “Type Hints” to do some of the heavy lifting re:conversions
  • Scripting up some basic functions and/or logic

Session 2: Custom Scripted Rhino.Inside Revit Functionality

  • Basic Setup – Rhino Inside
  • Installing Rhino Inside – Including a brief description of what it is and how it works
  • Add references to a C# component (Code In Node) to reference required .dll files
  • Create a Visual Studio project to help explore the RhinoInside functionality
  • How to read the Revit API docs
  • Browsing API based on Revit release
  • Exploring Revit object types, methods, return types (referencing content from session 1)
  • Exploring and understanding the utility functions provided by Rhino.Inside Revit .dll
  • Converting between Rhino “types” and Revit “types”, Rhino GUID & Revit ID
  • What are “transactions”, how to they work, and why do they matter?
  • Scripting up some new Rhino Inside functionality (examples/ demo)
  • Include caveats about update cycles, data binding, etc, contextualized within earlier discussion of what Rhino Inside is/ how it works

Session 3: Take control of the Revit API from Grasshopper

  • Basic setup
  • Installing Visual Studio
  • Installing Grasshopper node template V6 add-on (to enable simple GH noe development)
  • Setup debugging/ add file-build location to GH_Developer_Settings
  • The basics of a Grasshopper node (inputs, outputs, and solve instance)
  • Moving code from C# component into “Solve Instance”, adding fallbacks, data checks
  • Demonstration of advanced features

The wait is over

Rhino users have long awaited the ability to use Grasshopper3D inside the Revit BIM environment - we will teach you how!