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    Timber Workshop for Architects

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    • Part 1 — Introduction to timber construction

    • Part 2 — Real project case studies

    • Part 3 — Question & Answer (Q&A)

Facts overview

Workshop name
Designing for timber
Timber workshop for architects

Architects with different language background, students and engineers

Prerecorded live workshops

About the instructors

DESIGN TO PRODUCTION (D2P) is a Zurich based firm that focusses on three key services: digital planning, consultancy and software development. As pioneers of building information modelling, they close the process chain that links a construction idea to its digital fabrication.

For more than a decade they have enabled projects of high complexity to take flight and have supported clients, architects, engineers, planners and fabricators in reaching new heights of efficiency, safety and quality. What they have learned along the way: timber is digital! The majority of digital fabrication projects are made from wood, as it turns out that the supply chains in timber are more advanced than anywhere else.

Martin Antemann
Project Development / Sales

Evy Slabbinck
Project Development / International Sales

DESIGN TO PRODUCTION has been cooperating with renowned architects and architectural offices since 2005 – i.e. Foster + Partners, Marks Barfield architects, Zaha Hadid, X-Tu architects and Shigeru Ban— designer of the Centre Pompidou Metz shown in the image above (© SJB).

Workshop structure

Part 1 — Introduction to timber construction (2 hours)

Together with the participants we develop the foundations by means of small exercises and interactive lectures.

Part 2 — Real project case studies (3 hours)

In the second part we develop a case study based on a defined building typology (i.e. office building). The goal is to transform a known design into a clever timber structure with a holistic approach. The result is a feasibility study comprising structural concept, choice of materials, production, logistics, assembly, installation, and interfaces to other trades. This part is interactive as well, we will be sketching solutions and evaluating them – learning by doing.

Part 3 — Question & Answer (Q&A) (1 hour)

After understanding the basics and gaining some hands-on experience in designing a timber structure, the third part is for looking deeper into current design issues the participants might have in their present work - and answering specific questions.

Start learning

Prerecorded live workshops

This workshop is for you, if you are looking for training in timber design essentials that can be applied to projects right away. You will learn from leading timber specialists from Switzerland, who lead the world in mass timber design, engineering, and fabrication.